What is a Sorority?

As daughters look at being a part of a sorority, parents often ask what a sorority is. There are many misconceptions and negative stigmas surrounding fraternal organizations in the world due to pop culture; despite the fact that many of these views are false. As a sisterhood, Gamma Phi Beta is first and foremost here to help your daughter succeed. Being a part of an organization as wide spread and wide ranging as Gamma phi means the networking capabilities and connections are endless! As sisters of GPB we are never without support in all areas of our lives here at UBC. No matter what the situation is, there will always be a fellow Gamma Phi who will be there for you.

Gamma Phi Beta is also an opportunity for your daughter to grow as an individual in areas outside of her regular studies. There is a plethora of opportunities in Gamma Phi from event planning and coordinating, to clothing orders and website design. If there is something your daughter wants to learn or try, it is here in Gamma Phi.

In addition there are tons of volunteer opportunities within Gamma Phi. We are involved in a variety of different initiatives and strive to be as much a part of the communities of Vancouver and UBC as possible. As a sisterhood, we consider Gamma Phi Beta as a valuable investment into out well-rounded experience at UBC as well as an investment into our futures as graduates.